Tipi Token is a labour of love.
A one man band true passion project born out of sheer love for the music, a love for the emotions music or sound can unleash within. Music is sound, but sound doesn't have to be musical, it should however affect you in some way. I enjoy music that challenges, that provokes, that pokes that inner emotive centre. Either with disquietude or astonishment, disgust or pure joy.

Tipi Token has no set number of releases that should be out per year, no board meetings deciding on who to sign, no master plan. If music I fall for and can stand behind 100% comes across my kitchen table, there´s a good chance I would want to tell others about this music by releasing it. I am not bound by a genre charter, but music I really love often fall within the categories of ambient, noise, bass, beats and other interesting and possibly avant-garde experimental music, including but not limited to field recordings, improvised and non-figurative music.

Do you make interesting music? Awesome! Do you want me to have a listen? Even more awesome!
Please get in touch?


A tipi is a transient dwelling, a place temporarily erected as a place to stay sheltered. A token is a "thing" serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality or feeling. A tipi token then becomes a transient sheltered place of tangible feeling, just as how special music affects you and moves you. Music is a very powerful memory trigger, it can instantly bring back the feelings you had in a single moment in your own personal history, bring back memories of some place or someone special. Make you remember exactly where you were and what you did when you heard that song the very first time, or for the hundredth time. This is what my goal with Tipi Token is, to source music that can make you feel like this at some point, to find those gems in that massive haystack of new music, and present it here for you to enjoy and experience.