TIPI004-Arne Borgan-Asterion

Arne Borgan


Arne Borgan is a Norwegian artist and musician. He works with analog modular synths, within the digital realm as well as with field recordings and electro-acoustic soundscapes. Previously of ARM and Cloudbilder fame, his solo works are now getting the attention of the experimental music scene. As an artist he works across a multitude of mediums, often with complex audio installations to accompany his graphic works. This complexity also transcends into his music with deep layers of sounds and complex thematic patterns. Asterion is the result of more than 80 recorded improvised sessions, carefully edited and selected to become this constellation of tracks taking the listener on an excursion through modular synthesis, bubbling submerged melodies and improvised ambient textures both dark and with a hint of hope. 


Arne Borgan


CD + Digital



Recorded and mixed by Arne Borgan in Brugata 3 and 17, Oslo, Norway
Produced by Marius Sortland Myklebust
Mastered by Marius Sortland Myklebust and Eldar von Essen at Weightless Sound, Norway
Cover photo by Eva Storevik Tveit
Additional photography by Arne Borgan
Cover design by Arne Borgan and Vektlös Creative